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Swing And A Miss: Iconography Overtakes Name Change As Cleveland Baseball Fan's Ire

LET'S TABLE THE name change for the moment. Most of us are coming to terms with it; some are even embracing it as an upgrade. We'll also gloss right past the worst roll out in the history of sports branding: website domains weren't checked.   Existing trademarks clearly weren't checked. The structural integrity of the stadium's colonnade was clearly not checked. Hey, that's one way to get City Hall to pass your $225M facility upgrade proposal. The entire package is disjointed, bordering on bipolar. It's trying to be four different things all at once, none of which are Art Deco  —  artistic style of the new moniker's inspiration.   There is a mystique to Major League Baseball. It has been around for so long; nothing about it looks kitsch. That's the willing job of Minor League Baseball. Yet here is a "C" in a font that feels more appropriate in an alphabet book for my three year-old: "C" is for clown. Throw a rainbow wig on that ne