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Missed Opportunities

W. Ross Clites
Your City Sports-Cleveland

Saint Louis, MISSOURI--Like the Dow Jones Industrial, Ubaldo Jimenez continued a downward slide last week. The Rockies ace left the door wide open for his fellow National League starting pitchers, Adam Wainwright and Josh Johnson, to dethrone him from the top Pitcher Rating spot he has held for the entire season.

On Fox Network's nationally-televised Saturday game of the week, Jimenez lasted only two innings in Philadelphia. He gave up six earned runs and subsequently his PR dropped 2.15 points. Come Sunday morning, this decline was enough to put him in second place behind an idle Wainwright.

Because the three arms--competing for the NL Cy Young--are not aligned in the days that they throw, it took until Tuesday for Wainwright and Johnson to respond. But when they did step on a mound again, one had a chance to extend his lead over Jimenez; while the other had the potential to leapfrog both pitchers ahead of him. For both, all it would take was…

Spotlight Shifts from All-Stars to Cy Young

W. Ross Clites
Your City Sports-Cleveland

Saint Louis, MISSOURI--This is my first installment since I moved west of the Mississippi on Wednesday. The Cardinals are sure glad I am here, while the Indians are sure glad I am gone.

It could also be that the absence of LeBron has renewed Cleveland's faith in baseball and the team--playing pressure-free and finally healthy--is responding to an AL Central spoiler role.

Any way you would like to spin it, since my U-Haul touched down in STL both teams have won 5 straight games and not lost once. Let me go on believing that I was the missing piece in the sports scene for the Redbirds. But if I am going to be that ego-centric, I must also accept blame for holding back the youthful bats of the Tribe. My apologies, Cleveland, and you're welcome, Saint Louis.

Now, on to this week's Pitcher Rating highlights. Recently, a friend introduced me to an interesting section of's baseball page. Two gentlemen that definitely belong on the…

All-Star Game Recap

W. Ross Clites
Your City Sports-Cleveland

Kent, OHIO--We should have expected this. 2010 has been billed as "The Year of the Pitcher" by everyone and anyone since mid-June. A bit of a snooze-fest in the All-Star Game is simply the undesired side effect to a pitching Renaissance.

Pitcher Rating July 14