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Major League Soccer's Troubling Lack of Biodiversity (And How To Fix It)

Did you know  that the eagle species has recently been reclassified into the Accipitriformes order, where one would also find the  osprey, or "sea hawk"? Thus, t hat Super Bowl-winning bird in Philadelphia has a first cousin out there in Seattle.  What about the  fact that the jaguar, lion, and tiger are all members of the same  Panthera genus? And, since there's truly no feline that goes by the name "panther," each labeled as such is actually a melanistic variant of another cat? That's right. In America, the black panther is simply a jaguar with a skin condition. So, not only did Carolina and Jacksonville both enter the NFL with the same mascot, but they did so in the very same year (1995). Unbelievable, but true. Furthermore, a  "colt" and a "bronco" can describe the exact same horse — provided it's a male and under the age of four.  What I'm alluding to: Nickname duplication isn't new or confined to Major League Socce