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The Blues First Stanley Cup Final Since... Ever? A Petition To Revise History

A t no fault of anyone alive today (no, not even the incessantly fun to "boo" Gary Bettman), the NHL really screwed the St. Louis Blues out of an even bigger celebration last night. Sure, the series-clinching game of the Western Conference Final was at home. The score line was emphatic (5-1) over San Jose. Laura Branigan's "Gloria" was belted from every tier of the sold-out Enterprise Center. The league's engraver  is now four wins away from having to put "St. Louis" (other than Martin ) on Lord Stanley's Cup. Doesn't sound like a Blues fan could find much to get upset about. Advance to a championship: Check. Do it your building: Check. Do it in a convincing manner, as to not require heart medication and/or chewing nails to the bone: Check.  It all falls in line with the perfect spectator experience — one that explains the euphoria felt in the arena and bars and out onto the streets last night. And the party got to start early; t hat entire