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Gently-Used Stadium for Sale: $200 Million (OBO)

On Monday, the Atlanta Braves announced that they are moving out of Turner Field after 2016. That makes sense. That stadium is almost 100 years old. Wait. Rewind. What?  The Braves are getting a new stadium?! They're going to demolish a building in decent shape before its twentieth birthday? Before we dive in on the reasons behind this shocking headline, let's talk about some teams that are getting skipped at the buffet line.  At the top of the aggrieved sit the Oakland A's. They are the last remaining team in Major League Baseball to share a facility with an NFL franchise. The 48 year-old [ Your Name Here ] Coliseum is in extreme disrepair, and has never been an ideal place to watch a baseball game. It came cheap ($25 million); comparable to a single-occupant Dodger Stadium in the same state, size, price tag, and era. The difference is the current renovation efforts. Los Angeles' ownership group is investing $500 million to upgrade the historic ballpark. Th