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Price Check on James

W. Ross Clites Your City Sports-Cleveland Cleveland--Uh oh. The New York Knicks are sitting pretty. In less than 25 games the team will have as clean a slate that can be achieved in the modern NBA economy. The 2010 offseason will usher in a New York shopping spree, the likes have never been seen before. Team president, Donnie Walsh, has eight current players that are not guaranteed a penny next season. Should all eight depart the Knick locker room, 80% of the current payroll walks out the door. Any other team would be devastated to lose eight players to free agency. Not the Knicks; July 1, 2010 is the unofficial date for fans to come out of a decade-long hibernation. Most New Yorkers would be okay if they turned their heads and 100% of the team was missing from next year's roster. Walsh is breaking up a dynasty, but not of the winning variety. In a league where more teams make the playoffs than those that miss, it is tough to explain New York's absence from the post-season th