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I'm Sorry, Sacramento, Don Garber Can't Be With You... Right Now

In a memorable episode of How I Met Your Mother,entitled "Hooked," there is a cliché score of sappy music that plays anytime a character is about to utter a phrase similar the headline of this piece. If you know the show as intimately as I do, it shouldn't take long to roll the clips back in your mind. Some will likely picture Lily speaking to a teacup pig. Most straight males are going straight for Carrie Underwood's cameo. For those of you who aren't as familiar, the premise is an easy one to grasp. It is a worn-out plot (both on television and in real life): An infatuated person is strung along because a protagonist can't bear to have a tough conversation. 

He or she never intends to reciprocate any feelings that are above platonic. But each keeps the possibility of a romantic future on the table nevertheless. Timing is the easy scapegoat, hence the "right now" kicker. Darn those present circumstances that prevent this love from being fully expres…
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Predicting The Next Moves For MLS Reconfiguration: A 33-Game Schedule

It is said that chess grandmasters can see as many as fifteen moves into the future. Since every player has a finite quantity of options available, experience becomes the biggest ally. The more unique situations a person studies, the more he or she can draw upon patterns from the past. Complemented with trustworthy instincts, and a dash of luck, advanced players can make near-perfect assumptions as to what their opponent will do next. 

At the moment, this is what the future schedule of Major League Soccer (MLS) feels like to me. Now, I don't claim to be spot-on with my viewpoints, but I have done enough research to at least say I have an educated hunch. Together, we'll have to see how many moves I am ahead of the league office.

Recently, I've outlined why I believe the MLS should only carry 27 teams in their portfolio. And since that isn't likely to occur, I've also followed up with a timeline for spots 27 and 28. The CliffsNotes synopsis of those college dissertatio…

Predicting The Next Moves For MLS Reconfiguration: PSV & St. Louis

News on how Major League Soccer intends to get to 28 teams feels imminent. The biggest question is where. Likely candidates include St. Louis, Sacramento, Detroit, Phoenix, Austin or Columbus. The "when" is a little more clear. The league puts a bow on season number 23 this Saturday with Portland and Atlanta clashing for MLS Cup 2018. With that event comes a host of speaking engagements and camera time for commissioner Don Garber. These are moments that he typically cannot keep from spilling a secret or two.  

As soon as this Friday — during his annual State of the League address — look for Garber to announce the lease/development deal for McKalla Place in northern Austin is a full go. In a halftime interview with FOX's Rob Stone, he might just let that Precourt Sports Ventures (PSV) approval slip to a national soccer audience. 

This potential sound byte shouldn't be misconstrued as a final resolution on Columbus or expansion bid 27. The man is simply stating he's …