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The Cloverleaf Chronicles I: Sun Angles

This is a companion piece to 4Most Sport Group's video series The Cloverleaf Chronicles. Read this in conjunction with Episode #1 on Sun Angles. If you are stumbling upon this blog before watching the video, treat it as the prologue to what you will see. If you are arriving here as directed by our little educational segment, consider this the rich backstory for the "star" of that show. Okay, that'll be the only terrible dad joke, I promise. 

In all seriousness, this information is not entirely necessary to extract the thesis out of The Cloverleaf Chronicles' first installment. However, it is the perfect amount of "nerding out" for those, like me, that want to learn everything about everything. It's a medium dive, with plenty of Sun-related things there wasn't time to tuck into the video. Call it the director's cut.

What we aim to do is drop a few anecdotes about our compelling heavenly body. We'll also sprinkle in some cultural history wit…
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The Blues First Stanley Cup Final Since... Ever? A Petition To Revise History

At no fault of anyone alive today (no, not even the incessantly fun to "boo" Gary Bettman), the NHL really screwed the St. Louis Blues out of an even bigger celebration last night. Sure, the series-clinching game of the Western Conference Final was at home. The score line was emphatic (5-1) over San Jose. Laura Branigan's "Gloria" was belted from every tier of the sold-out Enterprise Center. The league's engraver is now four wins away from having to put "St. Louis" (other than Martin) on Lord Stanley's Cup. Doesn't sound like a Blues fan could find much to get upset about. Advance to a championship: Check. Do it your building: Check. Do it in a convincing manner, as to not require heart medication and/or chewing nails to the bone: Check. It all falls in line with the perfect spectator experience — one that explains the euphoria felt in the arena and bars and out onto the streets last night. And the party got to start early; that entire thi…

How The Super Bowl Has Ruined Your High School Football Program

Back to work the day after the Super Bowl is always a tough one. The football season has come to an end and all that's left behind is a bitter chill in the air. There's nothing overly exciting on the sports docket until Major League Baseball's new Thursday Opening Day and the first two days of March Madness — all of which should be national holidays. 

Until then, hockey and basketball teams will either be jockeying for playoff positioning or riding out the end of a disappointing season. That means an awful lot of tanking for Jack Hughes and Zion Williamson (personally I prefer R.J. Barrett), salary cap dumping, or attempting to land Artemi Panarin and Anthony Davis via trade. In each case, February has become more about off-field/court noise rather than the games themselves. Face it, most of the month is a real nothing burger for sports coverage. If you want to hear people talk on screen, your time would be better spent catching up on Netflix stand-up specials.

The fluff of …