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...And Like Like Can Lead to Love

Talk about first-world problems in a child's upbringing. His father was an NBA forward. His uncle was a member of The Beach Boys. His middle name, Wesley, comes from family friend and Basketball Hall of Famer, Wes Unseld, who taught him his patented outlet passes. He was Gatorade National Player of the Year and can't-miss McDonald's All-American. He still holds the record as the state of Oregon's all-time leader in high school points scored, and would have easily made the direct jump to the NBA--rules permitting. Instead, he led his UCLA team to the Final Four and was the cover boy for the video game NCAA Basketball '09.He even asked a UCLA legend to unretire his number, so he could wear number 42 in college. And the crazier part is that Walt Hazzard agreed to.

Who could possibly have that much audacity? What high school kid has done enough to request a banner that hangs in Pauley Pavilion (of all places) to be disregarded as off-limits. Three words: spoiled Kevin L…

Big Train Awards

W. Ross Clites
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Saint Louis, MISSOURI--This is a bittersweet installment. Four years of painstaking solo research, trial and error, gathering data, punching numbers, and formatting graphics has finally come to an end. The bow has been tied on the package, known only to me as the Walter Johnson Awards. The "Big Train" should have his name on the trophy; he won it more than anyone. Trouble is, Johnson died 66 years before anyone could hand him one.

The reason that this moment is bittersweet because it feels like it could be my greatest contribution, or legacy, in the sports world. Why is that all bad? Simply put, I'm nervous that the best thing I will ever do comes at age 25. Or worse, that my best really isn't anything all that great to anyone but me.

I am unveiling a confusing usage of my time at a confusing time in my l…