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Introducing The World To The Big Train Award

Title Page Introduction 1890-1916 1917-1943 1944-1970 1971-1997 1998-2011  (Plus Multiple Winners Table) National League Data American League Data Comparative Analysis Saint Louis, MISSOURI -- Four years of painstaking solo research, trial and error, gathering data, punching numbers, and formatting graphics has finally come to an end. The bow has been tied on the package, known only to me as the Walter Johnson Awards . The "Big Train" should have his name on the trophy; he was the league's best pitcher in more seasons than anyone. Trouble is, Johnson died 66 years before anyone could hand him that distinction. If you haven't been following along with my blog, Pitcher Rating is my baby. It is an oft-tinkered with, secret Excel formula that will stay with me to my grave (or until someone wants to pay me millions to see it). It has ten variables that were repeatedly checked and double checked against a sample size that filled my notebooks. Needless to say