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How the Big XII Gets Two, the SEC Gets None (And Why That's a Big Problem)

It is no secret that college football is one of my favorite sports to follow. Fire up those fight songs. I love the rivalries, the tailgating the traditions, and the unexpected results of fifteen crazy Saturdays leading up to bowl season. In my mind, the Bowl Pick'Em is up there with the March Madness bracket; a month of pure sport and household bragging rights. Sure, I wish the corporate names would ratchet back to tasteful and sane, but never-ending bowl watching my favorite part of the holiday season. 
The College Football Football Playoff is a step in the right direction. Halfway through year one, it has already taken the importance of the regular season from an 8 to a 9 1/2. This has only added more excitement to an already thrilling four months of football. But call me a skeptic on this inaugural committee and I'll explain why. Let me preface this by stating Ohio State always has been my school and the Big Ten — even though downtrodden and far inferior — is still my confe…