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Let the Debate Begin

I am jumping right in on this one. Mike Trout will not win the American League Most Valuable Player Award... but he should.

Things you will not see in my argument: SABRmetrics like WAR, BABIP or UZR, all which favor Trout over Tigers third basemen Miguel Cabrera. While these mumbo-jumbo stats have merit, they are off-putting to the common baseball fan and, at the end of the day, that is the target audience for postseason awards to appease; MVPs are the people's champ in a given sport. So I will handicap my own argument by not using these figures and still put a convincing argument on the table as to why Trout had the better 2012.
First and foremost, we need to set the parameters on what the term "Most Valuable Player" means in this debate. Based on recent voting trends, the meaning changes year-to-year, depending on the quality of the teams represented by the candidates. Modern voters get into these staunch positions of "most valuable means most valuable to his team,&…